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– protestors clash with police as Opposition boycotts ribbon-cuttingPresident Donald Ramotar and a representative from Marriott International cut the ribbon the declare the hotel open yesterday.What should have been a glitzy opening filled with fireworks,China Jerseys Cheap, fizzled to a shortened ceremony yesterday at Kingston with no smiles.The opening saw protestors clashing with police who lined the Kingston roads leading to the edifice.There were no long speeches,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, as was expected ahead of early general elections schedule for May 11.In addition to the glaring absence of the Opposition, also noticeably absent was former President Bharrat Jagdeo,Cheap Jerseys Online, who had pushed for the project despite misgivings by the Opposition.The US$58M,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, 197-room Marriott Hotel,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, hailed by Government as one of the special projects to boost tourism and hospitality, has been filled with controversies with billions of taxpayers’ dollars spent by Government without the authority of the National Assembly.Police during a standoff between City Mayor Hamilton Green, Opposition members and others yesterday in Kingston.The lack of transparency and plans by Government to sell 67 percent of its equity to a shadowy foreign investor for a mere US$8M,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, along with a host of tax concessions have angered Opposition as well as other hotels which have been struggling to fill rooms.Police presence was heavy around the hotel with a number of barricades erected.

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