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三星Galaxy Tab評測一文總結

以 7 吋姿態上市的 SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab 承襲了三星自豪的 Galaxy S I9000 旂薦智能手機優點,對於一些注重影音或書籍閱讀的使用者來說,7 吋的屏幕大小確實很吸引人。在刻板印象中,總認為平板計算機與手機是兩種不同的 3C 產品,但三星卻成功的融合了這兩種科技產物,俘虜了許多人的心。相較於筆記本電腦,7 吋的大小、380g 的重量便於攜帶;與智能型手機相比,這樣大小的屏幕瀏覽影片及電子書更是爽度十足。老實說,小編也有一股想把智能型手機賣掉,換成平板計算機的沖動。像 SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab 這類的平板計算機接聽電話時得以藍牙耳機,或是一般耳機收聽,否則就會以擴音的方式播出,比手機大上很多的 Size,也無法像拿手機一樣的方式持有,若要完全取代手機通話仍顯得有些不便。

Samsung has sprinkled some sugar on the out-of-the-box Google UI elements, and while the community's opinions on hardware companies' efforts to improve Android software have been, um, mixed (my own is extremely mixed), I have to say that the Samsungers have shown restraint, putting the extra real estate to good use in good places, for example the notifications pull-down.三星已經撒上一些糖開箱即裝即用穀歌的用戶界面元素,並同時改善Android軟件社區的意見,對硬件廠商的努力已經,嗯,混合(我自己是非常混合),我不得不說該Samsungers顯示克制,把多余的房地產,以充分利用好地方的例子,為通知上拉下來。 There may be some of that integrated-social-everything that frankly gets up my nose, but my nose remained clear around the Tab, so if it's there it's at least easy to ignore.鼻子可能有一些,綜合,社會的一切,我坦率地站起來,但我的鼻子周圍仍然標簽清楚,所以如果它的存在它至少容易被忽視。
It's snappy, especially on games where that matters; maybe there are places where servicing the extra bits in the 1024x600 screen will hurt, but I didn't run across them.它的瞬間,尤其是游戲,因為游戲的事項,也許有地方維修1024x600屏幕上的額外的比特在會疼,但我沒有掽上他們。
It's got a phone but (at least on the pre-release model I used) you can't hold it up to your head, which is a good thing as that would look supremely dorky.它有一個電話,但(至少在預發行模式,我用),你不能拿著它到你的頭,這是一件好事,因為這樣會看起來千鈞壆究氣。
Did I mention that the screen is beautiful?我提到它的屏幕是美麗? Also it feels really good in the hand and looks pretty nice, and is obviously in the first microsecond's glance not an iPad.此外,感覺真的很好,在手,看起來相噹不錯,而且是iPad很顯然,在第一微秒的目光不是問題。
What Are Tablets For? • The trade-off is obvious. 片中有哪些?•權衡是顯而易見的。 You win because you can show a bigger picture, which is important, and you lose because it just won't fit in many pockets, which is important.你贏了,因為你可以顯示一個更大的圖片,這是重要的,因為你失去它只是不適合在許多口袋,這很重要。 It'll go in most purses, though.它會走在最皮包,雖然。  ¶
I know what I'll use the Galaxy Tab for: to show off Android.我知道我將用銀河標簽頁:炫耀機器人。 The big screen just makes everything easier to see and point at, and graphics look outstanding, and it passes from hand to hand easily.大屏幕只是讓一切更容易看到和點和圖形看起來突出,它的手手傳遞,從容易。 Showing off Android is part of my job and this will help me do my job better.炫耀Android是我工作的一部分,這將幫助我把工作做得更好。
Which leads to a general theory, reinforced by informal observation of hipsters with iPads in coffee shops: a tablet is, crucially, a more shareable computer.這導緻了一般理論,商店加強嬉皮士與非正式觀察ipad公司在咖啡:一片劑是關鍵, 更可共享的計算機。 A laptop, with its fragile hinge-ware and space-gobbling keyboard, is just not comfy to share.一個吞噬鍵盤筆記本電腦,其脆弱的鉸鏈用品及空間,是不舒服分享。 A tablet is easier to bring to the caf?, easier to hand across the table or along the sofa, easier to seize in the heat of the moment, easier to hold up in triumph, easier to set aside when you need to meet someone's eyes.甲片更容易攜帶到咖啡館,更容易手隔著桌子或沿著沙發,更容易抓住的那一刻熱的,更容易保持在勝利,更容易撥出噹您需要滿足別人的眼睛。
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